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Ask me something

Ask me something..and i`ll answer :).....Pleasee..I'm boreed:(
1.How are you?
2.Do you have a facebook?
3.What`s your favourite singer/band?
4.Do you have any brothers or sisters?
5.Are you a bad person?
5.Do you like dancing?
6.Do you like singing?
7.Rabbits or cats?
8.Black or white?
9.Blue or red?
10.Do you get jealous easily?
11.Two things without you can`t live..?
10.What`s you favourite food/drink?
11.Pop or Hip-Hop?
12.Rock or Pop?
13.Have you ever kissed someone?
14.Have you got tattoos?Where?
15.Do you want to have a tattoo?
16.Top ten favourite places..
17.Favourite movie.....?
18.Favourite kind of movies?
19.Do you ever wish you were someone else?
20.What do you want to do when is your b-day?
21. Hair color..?
22.Do you want to dye you hair?
23.Do you have any piercings?

[You can also ask me other questions...;)]

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clauclaudia 5 June 2012  
clauclaudia 14 April 2012  
10.yep...11.ma' friends..hmmm..ma' laptop..13.nope..
KariLoveRob 13 April 2012  
Have you ever kissed someone?
iraida 13 April 2012  
Two things without you can't live?
KariLoveRob 13 April 2012  
Do you get jealous easily?
clauclaudia 12 April 2012  
yep:)..i want..:D
iraida 10 April 2012  
I know all about u .
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