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i have a question

What's your favourite singer...or favourite actor?...or favourite band?
There are some pics...

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shakira 2 June 2012  
I love Shakira and Britney Spears
TylerGoesMiau 2 June 2012  
jessie j
YaSmIxLoVeEdY 24 April 2012  
Rihanna,Nicole,Chris B , 1D and Usher !!
CodrutaDeokManx3 12 April 2012  
Lee Yo-Won:X
LadyLore 9 April 2012  
Rihanna , Bruno mars , 1D , Katy Perry and Justin bieber :d
ThisIsMe 25 March 2012  
A.L ;)<3
irina 15 January 2012  
Rihanna and Jessie J
iraida 15 January 2012  
Rihanna :X:x Nicole Scherzinger:x,Nicky Minaj...etc:*
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